Leslie Cerve, Administrative Assistant
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Current Ph.D. Students

Mathew K. Samimi
Research Interests: Statistical channel modeling.

George R. MacCartney Jr.
Research Interests: Millimeter Wave Propagation, Statistical Channel Modeling, Wireless Backhaul, Ray-Tracing.

Ting Wu
Research Interests: RF/Analog Circuit Design in Wireless Communications; Biological Effects of Millimeter Wave.

Shu Sun
Research Interests: Wireless communications, beamforming and beam combining.

Shuai Nie

Research Interests: Wireless Communications Propagation , Meteorological Effect on Wireless Communications

Celine Zhao

Research interest: Millimeter Wave Propagation, RF/Analog Circuit Design, Building material characteristics at mm-waves

Sija Deng



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    Leslie Cerve, Administrative Assistant