Semantic Web Archiving System for RF Propagation Measurements and Radio Channel Modeling and Simulation

Research Focus

Our research focus is to create an online data repository of wireless propagation measurements. This web service will contain radio channel modeling and simulation tools in various frequency bands, environments, and weather conditions such as indoor, outdoor, urban, rural, broadband, narrowband, mobility, precipitation, etc. The project is currently in early stages of development, but will become an important design and testing tool for wireless researchers in both industry and academia.

Students working with Prof. Rappaport

  • George R. MacCartney Jr.
  • Shu Sun
  • George Wong
  • Juan Felipe Beltran
  • Mathew K. Samimi

Professors working with Prof. Rappaport

Prof. Dennis Shasha

Some Recent Papers

T. S. Rappaport, J. N. Murdock, D. G. Michelson, and R. Shapiro, "An open-source archiving system for RF propagation measurements and radio channel modeling and simulation,"  to appear in IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, 2011.

Description of Research

Students are developing an online database of propagation measurements, including a version of the existent simulation tool SIRCIM (Simulation of Indoor Radio Channel Impulse Response Models with Impulse Noise). It is the goal of the project to create a standard for propagation measurements and researchers to compare and contribute their results. The online database will be stored in an RDF/XML format that can store channel model data and allow for easy searches. This project is sponsored by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, and the IEEE VTS Propagation Committee

SIRCIM generated graph
Impulse Response generated by SIRCIM

Some Useful References

T. S. Rappaport, "Wireless Communications, Principles and Practice," Pearson Prentice-Hall, c. 2002.

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