RF Integrated Circuits and Millimeter-Wave Lab


Lab Now Available for Outside Users

The NYU WIRELESS RFIC laboratory, which houses the equipment listed below, is now available, on a selective as-available basis, to institutions, agencies, and companies interested in using our state-of-the-art hardware and software suites. Companies only need to supply their own probe tips, cables, and calibration ISS standards.


Vector Network Analyzer (Agilent E8361A)

  • Measures 10 MHz to 67 GHz
  • Data sheet and Tech specs
  • This VNA contains options: 014, UNL, 080, 081


Air Suspended Workstation (Kinetic Systems 1200 series workstation)

  • 1 thick critically damped steel with automatic leveling and height control
  • Air suspension damps out vibrations with efficiencies approaching 99%


Probe Station (Cascade Microtech Infinity Probe)

  • Summit 11101B


Probe Tips (Cascade Microtech Infinity Probe)

  • GSG and GSGSG probes reduce fringing effects
  • Coaxial to co-planar waveguide probe tips


Two Signal Generators (Agilent E8257D)

  • Provides signals 250 kHz 67 GHz
  • Can be used for LO substitution, low jitter clock replacement
  • Can also be used for testing mixers, running intermodulation product tests


Spectrum Analyzer (Agilent E4407B ESA-E Standard Analyzer)

  • Measurements 9 kHz -26.5 GHz (up to 67 GHz with down converter)


Down Converter (Agilent N8975A)

  • RF input (50-63.5 GHz) ; RF output (18-4.5 GHz)


50-75 GHz Preselected RF Section (HP 11974V)


External Computer

  • Running WinCal 2006 (VNA controller and measurement software)
  • Provides color microscope video output


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