Video: TV, Webcasts, etc.

"The NSA has been hacking Chinese systems for years: Snowden Video
Channel 11 news (PIX11), June 2013. 

"NYU Tandon Hack Nights Helping To Train Whitehat Hackers" Video
Channel 1 news (NY1), May 2013. 
Also shown on: It Ain't Rocket Science, Episode 11, Part 2, May 2013. Video

"Developers defend site that lets you "fake" tweets" Video
Channel 11 news (PIX11), April 2013. 

"Your Smartphone Is Tracking You In Ways You've Never Imagined"Article w/ Video
Business Insider, April 2013. 

"Ask Asa: Breaking Down The LinkedIn Security-Breach Situation" Video 
CBS, June 2012. 

"Ask Asa: Text Message Scammers Pose As Friends In Need" Article w/ Video 
CBS, June 2012. 

"CyberSecurity Awareness Week on NY Channel 1" Video 
Channel 1 News, November 2011. 

"CyberSecurity Awareness Week featured on News 12 Brooklyn" Video 
Channel 12 News, November 2011. 

"Improving Mobility Infrastructure Security Standards" Video 
AT&T Tech Channel, November 2011. 

Print Media: Newspapers, Tech Journals, etc.

"Startup Offers to Protect Printers, Phones, and Other Devices from Hackers" Article 
MIT Technology Review, February 2013. 

"The dangers of too much Java" Article 
PhysOrg, January 2013. 

"NYU WIRELESS faculty member receives four NSF grants" Article 
NYU WIRELESS Pulse, October 2012. 

"Millions of iPhoners 'at risk'" Article 
NY Post, September 2012. 

"Cappos Adds Computer Savvy" Article 
Cable, July 2012. 

"Attacks on Package Managers" LWN Article 
LWN, April 2009. 

"Safely Using Package Managers" Slashdot Article CERT Blog Post 
Various Outlets, July 2008.

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