References For 5G Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Wireless

The vast amount of radio spectrum available, combined with recent improvements in semiconductors and antennas, make millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum a promising candidate for amazing new capabilities for future wireless communication networks. Our work at NYU WIRELESS has demonstrated that mmWave wireless is quite feasible to achieve bandwidths that are thousands of times greater than today’s 4G LTE wireless systems, and we have an active research program with support from our NYU WIRELESS industrial affiliates companies.

The following list of references give insights into the early work aimed at developing mmWave wireless, and the potential it offers for the fifth generation (5G) of wireless technologies. Possible use cases and exciting new applications can be seen in the 2012 IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference Plenary talk, and many industry and academic leaders are conducting pioneering work in this field, as seen below.

Prof. Rappaport's Keynote Address: International Conference on Communications (ICC' 14), June 13, 2014 , Sydney, Australia

2012 IEEE Vehicular Technology Conf. Keynote talk- vision and technologies

Technical feasibility of IMT in the bands above 6 GHz

IEEE 2011 Proceedings-vision and many technology issues in-depth

Samsung Vision at ICC 2013 by Wonil Roh

Intel Vision at ICC 2013 by Ali Sadri

InterDigital EW2013 Keynote

NYU Millimeter Wave Beamforming Propagation Channel at ICC 2013 by Ted Rappaport

Millimeter Wave Cellular: A road to 5G

60 GHz technologies

IEEE Spectrum

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Google Scholar Publication List

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