Members of the Cooperative BioActive Systems (C-BAS) initiative operate pioneering research programs in protein and peptide design (Jin Kim), biointerfaces and sensing technologies (Rastislav Levicky), engineered artificial proteins (Jin Montclare), modeling of complex biological systems (Maurizio Porfiri) and heterogeneous phospholipid vesicles for drug delivery (Stavroula Sofou). The C-BAS umbrella integrates these complementary areas of expertise through several initiatives including (1) common research themes in bioactive system technologies for molecular diagnostics, fuel and energy chemistry, therapeutics, and catalysis; (2) curricular development; (3) sponsorship of conferences on Bioactive Systems; and (4) outreach activities to the broader public.

Faculty Members

ImageJin Ryoun Kin
Faculty, Chemical & biological Engineering

ImageJin Montclare
Faculty, Chemical & biological Engineering

ImageMaurizio Porfiri
Mechanical Engineering

ImageRastislav Levicky
Faculty, Chemical & biological Engineering

ImageStavroula Sofou
Faculty, Chemical & biological Engineering

Doctoral And Postdoctoral Members

ImageSachin Khapli
Postdoctoral Fellow