Cooperative Bioactive Systems

thumbnail Bioactive systems are artificial constructs created to mimic, in one or more ways, the functional behavior of real biological systems. A bioactive system senses and responds to its environment, drawing on a hybrid of artificial and biological mechanisms in doing so. Bioactive systems may work independently or cooperatively. Bioactive systems impact on medical, environmental, energy and security applications. A bioactive system, for example, can consist of a hybrid vesicle composed of polymers and natural materials that contains, in the interior, one or more of the essential anatomical components of a cell - organelles, specific enzymes, nutrients, and skeleton. Such artificial constructs are envisioned to deliver capabilities for a broad range of applications in the medical arena (e.g. drug delivery, drug design, biotoxin sequestration), in environmental monitoring and remediation, in biological diagnostics and biosensors, and in biofuel and energy applications.