Maurizio Porfiri

robot fish_F robot_F robotfish_maneuvering_F robotic_fish_model2_F schlieren system captures flow around live fish_F schlieren system flow visualization of salt water droplets around flappimg IPMC_F sci and eng fest_F servomotor robotic fish interacting with giant danios_F Shoal of robo_F smart_tail_F subvid_F temperature_muted Vla_Robotic-Thresher-Shark-Tail_F vortex ring_F Wireless IPMC_F World Sci fest_F younsgu_vortex_muted zebrafish_preference_for_biomim_F zebrafish_preference_for_ten_F zebrafish-response-to-closed-loop-robot_F Adam_sim_large_school_F Adam_simulated_zebrafish_F alcohol_muted animal_taxa_F atlantis robot_F Autonomous_F beam_F_muted biomimetic robotic fish - model 2 swimming_F Brooklyn Atlantis_F Buckling of a patterned IPMC_muted Cavitation_F color schlieren photography of flow around a live fish_F entropy_F ethanol_muted fluorecent-particles-for-surface-flow_F fluorescent_particles_as_a_novel_F giant danios interacting with semi-static roboticfish_F golden shiners risk task_F golden shiners schooling_F goldens shiner school_F Gowanuschallenge_F_music heavy flags_F Heron_F hydroelastic_F impact ipmc_F impact_flexible_F IPMC actuated robofish - fin demonstration_F ipmc_buckling _F Jeff_rehabilitation_muted large scale PIV_muted media_coverage_feb_2012_3_revised_muted mitsui_F new_york_aquarium_2011_alumni_day_F new_york_aquarium_2012_F newyorkaquarium_F PIV analysis of a hydraulic jump_F Predator_F remotely controlled underwater vehicle maneuvering_F Research expo_F ring_F robo_fish_F robot fish interacting with live shoal mates_F